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Mission Statement

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TPContracting Ltd. prides itself on being a diversified business working in many different fields such as mining, piping, structural steel, concrete and demolition.  Our employees have a variety of different trades, are trained in safety equipment and operating courses.  We strive to prevent environmental impact of operations.


TPC prides itself on the following values:


Quality is our first priority:

We take pride in the quality of work and service level that we deliver.  Our team maintains the highest quality standards for ourselves and our customers.


Honesty and Integrity:

We are honest and ethical in all our business dealings, starting with how we treat each other.  We keep our promises and admit our mistakes.  Our personal conduct ensures that TPC’s name is always trust worthy.



We believe safety is a moral obligation.  Our goal is to provide a safe working environment for all our employees.  We train and expect our employees to always operate in a safety manner.  We believe in “the right to know, the right to participate and the right to refuse”.



We strive to provide a quality project, on schedule, within budget, emphasizing safe practices, resulting in a project of which the entire TPC team can be proud of.  We recognize that the success of the team and project depends on each employee’s contribution as an individual and as a team player.


Pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement:

We believe that striving for improvement makes us a stronger company.  We want employees to be creative and innovative and we want them to push the limits of technology.



We treat each other with respect and dignity, valuing individual and cultural differences.  We communicate frequently and with candor, listening to each other regardless of level or position.  Recognizing that exceptional quality begins with people, we have an open- door policy for all our employees and customers.

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